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DRY-UP Dimple Board (4″ to 95″ wide rolls @ 65′ long)


DRY-UP Dimple Board
65 foot roll

ICC ESR-3107, CCMC# 13098-R, CCMC# 13099-R, CGSB, NBC 9.13.3, & IRC R405, R406

Compressive Strength: 5200 psf (250 kN/m² )
Dimple Height: 5/16″ (8mm)
Fire Rating: B2 (DIN 4102)
Sheet Thickness (approx): 0.6mm (24 mil)
Area Weight: 580 g/m²
Dimple Spacing: 1860 per m²
Drainage Capacity (approx): 6.6 gal/min/ft

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DRY-UP Dimple Board is a dimpled waterproofing membrane made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic approx. The dimples in the membrane are 5/16” in height, creating a 5/16” air gap or drainage space between the wall and the back of the membrane. Dimple Board can be bent at a 90 degree angle while still maintaining structural strength. Ideal for basement waterproofing applications against the wall and bent 90 degrees to go across the footer to a drain tile. Dimensions in Additional Information tab are the shipping dimensions for the selected width–all rolls are 65 feet in length.

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