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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Gorilla Wall Braces if my basement wall is…
• wood, brick or a rock basement wall?
• leaking? Water coming in my basement?
• crumbling or floor joist is rotten?
• bowing in more than 3 inches?
• sheared off the bottom block row?
• NOT fully attached to the top sill plate?
• tilting or leaning?

• bowing towards the outside?
• a “knee wall”? (a short wall 3 ft or less)
• opposite of walk-out basement wall?

Gorilla Wall Braces® are not recommended in these situations unless installed by a qualified contractor or Hold-Right® Wall Anchors or Carbon Fiber are used instead. Please CONTACT US to find one of our professional contractors near you for repair options.

Do Gorilla Wall Braces come with the required steel beams?

No – the steel beams are NOT included. Steel beams must be obtained locally as the cost for us to ship them to you would be extraordinarily high. If you do not have a local supplier, we have partnered with to offer our customers a 10% discount to purchase their steel beams online. They also offer quantity discounts – see more info.

Where do I find the required steel beams for Gorilla Wall Braces?

Do a google search for “steel i beams near (where you live)”. They can be found at home improvement stores or metal fabricators. If you are not able to find a local supplier, we have partnered with to offer our customers a 10% discount on their steel beams – see more info.

How far apart should I space my Gorilla Wall Braces?

Spacing requirements for Gorilla Wall Braces® based on our engineering specifications…

• 32″ spacing for 8″ block basement walls

• 48″ spacing for 10″ or 12″ block walls and poured basement walls

(block measurement is the depth of the block – from the inside of your basement to the dirt outside – how thick the wall is)


If your basement wall is cracked in different directions – use the closer spacing of steel beams.

What kind of steel beams do I need for Gorilla Wall Braces?

Requirements for basement walls under 8′ high (and soil level under 7′)…

steel H-beam, 13 lbs per foot – W 4 x 13 lb (4.16″ x .280″ x 4.06″) A572/A992 Steel (choose 4″ idler)

steel I beam, 9.5 lbs per foot – S 4 x 9.5 lb (4.00″ x .326″ x 2.796″) A36/A572-50 Standard Steel (choose 3″ idler)

2″ x 4″ tube steel at 1/4″ thickness (2” side goes against wall to ensure proper yield strength — choose 2″ idler)


Requirements for basement walls 8′ or higher (and soil level 7′ or higher)…

steel H-beam, 13 lbs per foot – W 4 x 13 lb (4.16″ x .280″ x 4.06″) A572/A992 Steel (choose 4″ idler)

2″ x 4″ tube steel at 5/16″ thickness (2” side goes against wall to ensure proper yield strength — choose 2″ idler)

How do I know what size Pushing Rod Idler to select?

The size of the Pushing Rod Idler matches the required steel beams specifications…

• Select 4″ Idler if using the H beam

• Select 3″ Idler if using the I-beam

• Select 3″ Idler if using the I-beam

NOTE: Each Pushing Rod Idler is designed to fit the recommended steel beam like a glove – so the 2″, 3″ or 4″ are not exact measurements as they are sized to each beam. Please know which steel beam you are using before ordering Gorilla Wall Braces® so you order the correct Pushing Rod Idler size.

How long will it take to get my basement wall straight with Gorilla Wall Braces?

While there is no guarantee that basement walls will return back to plumb, we have had some customers see immediate results – others take weeks, months, or years before their walls return to plumb – it depends on soil conditions.

Do I need to excavate right next to my basement wall?

No. You can excavate a narrow trench up to 1.5 feet away from your wall. Using a trencher is acceptable as long as it can excavate down to the depth of your footer.

If I excavate on the outside, do I have to excavate down to the depth of the footer?

Yes! If you don’t excavate down to the depth of the bottom of your wall, you risk introducing another wall break/crack where your excavation stopped.

Do you ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska?

Yes. Orders shipping outside the continental USA will be charged actual shipping charges and applicable taxes/tariffs. If you are shipping to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, please EMAIL US your order for us to calculate the shipping/taxes/tariffs.

For Canadian customers we offer a $10 credit towards that shipping cost per brace kit if purchasing 4 or more to help off-set the extra shipping cost, taxes and tariffs, which has been anywhere from $25-$50 additional per kit. All pricing is in US Dollars.

Ooops – I ordered the wrong wall braces. Can I return purchased Gorilla Wall Braces?

Yes. But please be aware that Customer is responsible for all shipping costs (to/from) plus a 10% processing/restocking fee for any products returned that are not defective. Be sure you are ordering the correct Gorilla Wall Braces® for your wall as shipping is very expensive. Call us if you are not sure: 800-831-2559

Is there any type of warranty on Gorilla Wall Braces?

Yes. Any goods proved defective will be replaced or the purchase price refunded if within 4 years of purchase. The limited warranty described herein is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, including an implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. The user is soley responsible to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. Liability for any incidental or consequential damage or loss is excluded.


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Gorilla Wall Braces

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The steel beams are NOT included with the Gorilla Wall Brace® kits. Steel beams can be obtained locally or online at (a 10% off coupon is included with your Gorilla Wall Brace order).

You can save thousands by using Gorilla Wall Braces to fix your bowing basement walls yourself.