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DRY-Up Sump Pump Complete System (with barrel and battery backup pump) – 1/2 HP


1/2 HP Sump Pump with Battery Back-Up

Includes a long-lasting cast iron submersible sump pump – plumbed together with 2 check valves and battery back-up in a perforated sump barrel with a half-clear radon-protected lid.


Heads up to 37’ TDH
Flows up to 72 GPM/4,320 GPH

Handles up to 3/4” solids with 2” discharge with 1 1/2” adapter.



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DRY-Up Sump Pump Complete System – 1/2 HP

Assembled: 1/2 HP Champion Sump Pump WITH Sump Tek 2700 gph Battery Backup Pump (marine battery recommended – not included), 2 check valves, 18″ x 24″ Sump Pump Basin, 1 ½” Sump Pump Basin Lid with rubber gasket, 9 volt high-water alarm, and 2” discharge pipe & fittings.


Champion Sump Pump – 1/2 Horse Power


  • 1/2 HP submersible pumps, built for reliability – handles up to 3/4” solids with 2″ discharge and 1 1/2” adapter
  • Pumps an incredible 4,200 gallons of water per hour at a 10 foot lift, running on an energy efficient 8.5 amps of electricity. Competitor pumps draw 9-10 amps of electricity.
  • Flows up to 72 GPM


High efficient, 115v, oil filled, permanent split capacitor motor with upper and lower ball bearings and thermal overload protection

  • Constant bearing lubrication
  • Maximum motor cooling
  • Runs cooler and lasts longer
  • Internal overload protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Fasteners and shaft made from rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel


Vertical Float Switch

  • Piggy-back switch design
  • Defective switches can be diagnosed over the phone
  • Pump can be operated manually or supplied with other piggy-back switches
  • Switch can be replaced without having to replace the pump


Sump Tek 2700 gph Battery Backup Pump (marine battery recommended – not included)

When the power goes out, the Sump Tek 2700 Battery Backup Sump Pump is a strong, reliable 12 volt DC power backup for the Champion Sump Pump. With a high quality, maintenance free battery (marine battery recommended – not included), the Sump Tek 2700 Battery Backup Sump Pump will pump up to 11,000 gallons of water on one full battery charge. With its heavy duty motor, the Sumptek can pump up to 2,700 gallons of water an hour.


Silent Check Valves

With the two flap silent check valves, it eliminates water flowing back down the pipe and slamming the check valve shut. The check valve is designed so it can be easily removed to replace the sump pump if necessary.


Sump Pump Basin

Our sump pump basin is built strong structurally with very stiff basin walls and has a wide flat bottom for stable sump pump installation.


Sump Pump Basin Lid

Our Sump Pump Basin Lid has a rubber gasket so there is an airtight seal between the barrel and the lid, protecting homeowners from dangerous gasses such as radon. The sealed lid is also very sturdy – holding up to 250 lbs of weight. Lid Only (radon protected sealed lid) (Installer needs to fasten)


9-Volt High Water Alarm

A high water alarm is the last line of defense in alerting homeowners of a potential problem before disaster hits. The high water alarm is sometimes also called a sump pump alarm. The high water alarm does not pump water, but warns homeowners that there is an issue with their sump pump(s) as the water level in the sump basin is rising.

Our High Water Alarm provides both audio and visual warnings of potential threatening high water level conditions in sump pump basins, lift pump chambers, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural and other water applications. If a high water alarm condition occurs, the horn sounds and alarm light activates. The horn can be turned off, but the alarm light will remain on until the condition is remedied. The alarm will automatically reset once the high water level condition is cleared.

Our style of sump pump alarm is powered by electricity and a 9-volt battery (battery not included). The high water alarm chirps if the battery is going dead. This helps give homeowners peace of mind that the high water alarm will work during a power outage to warn them of a possible sump pump failure.


This is a COMPLETE Sump Pump System – plumbed w/a battery back-up in a sump pump barrel.

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Sump Pump Only or Complete System w/Battery Back-up

Sump Pump Only, Complete System w/Battery Back-up